appleFace Art Magic provides professional, entertaining face painting and glitter tattoos for parties and events. Service is tailored to your specific event, and may include:

Cheek Art

Cheek art is generally quick simple designs that can be painted in 3 minutes orDolphin less on one cheek. There is not a lot of detail or use of many colors. Cheek art is suitable for events where there will be many children to paint in a short time frame. However, cheek art can also be very detailed and intricate. With detail comes added time to finish a design.

TribalFancy Eyes/Swirlz & Curlz

Fancy eyes are also quick designs that can be done in 3 minutes or less around one eye. They are usually pretty simple, but can be very detailed and complicated. With detail comes added time to finish a design.

Half Faces and Masks

half skullHalf faces and masks take a little more time than cheek art, 5-8 minutes, but again, it depends on the design and the amount of detail and variety of colors in the design. Half faces and masks are great for any event and can be designed to match a specific party theme like superheros, princesses, puppies and kitties, etc.

ButterflyFull Faces

Full Face

Full face designs can take as little as 5 minutes. When paint is applied with a sponge, it covers large areas very quickly and then smaller details are added with a brush. But the full face can also be transformed into amazing, colorful, unique creations that can take a considerable amount of time.

Glitter Tattoos

half skullNew this year, Glitter Tattoos by Face Art Magic! We are now offering glitter tattoos for parties and events. Glitter tattoos are applied with a stencil, adhesive that is safe for use on the skin and then, beautiful, sparkley glitter. Approximatley 10 tattoos can be applied in an hour.

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